👋 Welcome to Auckland Schools' Debating Premier Junior 2022

Welcome to Auckland Schools' Debating Premier Junior for 2022. During Term 1, all debates will take place via Zoom. 

Zoom Link (Rooms #101-299)

Link: https://zoom.us/j/97730925504?pwd=MEFydHpaTnRPaW02WnlUUHZDOHJjQT09

Meeting ID: 977 3092 5504
Passcode: 385364

Key Dates

Round 1: Wednesday 30 March
Round 2: Wednesday 13 April
Round 3: Wednesday 11 May
Round 4: Wednesday 26 May
Round 5: Wendesday 8 June
Round 6: Wednesday 22 June
Round 7: Wednesday 6 July

Grade Information

All debates in Premier Junior are limited preparation. Teams will be provided with 1 hour to prepare.

The motion will be announced at 5:30pm and 7:00pm, with debates starting at 6:30pm and 8:00pm respectively. Teams should arrive 15 minutes before the motion will be announced.

Tournament Staff
Contact Us:

Email: info@asd.org.nz
Grade Convener: Celine Goh - 022 44 66 288
Chairperson: Zachary Wong - 021 15 888 01

For all queries about the grade including, motions, draws, scheduling, catch-up requests and defaults please contact the grade convener Celine Goh. 

Contact Deadlines:

All catch up requests must be made by emailing the ASD email (info@asd.org.nz) by Tuesday 4pm, the day before the debate.

Notice of a default after Wednesday 12pm, the day of the debate must be made by email and by calling the grade convener. Any requests after Wednesday 2pm will be considered a default without notice.